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Derby St

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Below names of persons who lived here and were either Baptised, Married or once a Scholar at St Marks.

188 Elizabeth Jepson
188 Michael William Jepson.

Amongst the lords of the manor of Great Bolton before the enclosure of Bolton Moor in 1792, was the Earl of Derby.

So that when Bolton Moor was enclosed in that year by an act of parliament the Derby family were beneficiaries.

The main streets on the moor were named after the five lords of the manor, and to the Derby family fell the honour of giving a name to the most important one of them.

The 7th Earl of Derby (1607-1651) was beheaded in Churchgate, Bolton, in 1651, and it is said that the family has since spurned the town.

It may be so, but the 17th Earl of Derby had been the first of his line to have trodden the Churchgate pavement since.

Derby St is certainly one of the main entrances and exits from the town. Factories, businesses and dwellings along it have been built at various times.

It rises over a Bolton Moor which is now forgotten by name, but which was responsible for the beginning of the communal effort which made the town what it became in the 19th century.

The Derby name in the 1930s still "topped the hill" where the lords of the manor of Great and Little Bolton were concerned.

Other families may still have drawn bigger rent rolls from the town, but the 17th Earl could still have been relied upon to give service.

George Stephenson, inventor of the famous "Rocket," had an office in the street when he was surveying for the local railway for the first local railway from Bolton to Leigh.