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Venture St 1859-1972

Also fondly known as Good Husband Street

1954 View from Grecian mill end towards Bridgeman st

1948 June 12th
An indignant housewife reports a 'try-on' by her window cleaner. Normally cleaning the windows fortnightly, he had not called for a month until one day this week. When he had finished he told the housewife that as there was twice the amount of dirt on the windows. the charge would be doubled. Needless to say, he did not get the amount he demanded.

1972 Demolition year, view to the Grecian mill end.

I always wanted to work at the Co-op when I left school using them great big scales, weighing out sugar in those blue & brown bags, but in those days you had to pay them to be trained on them and go without wages for a couple of week, but my mum said we can't afford that we needed the money so I had to go in the mill
Doreen Gill Class of 1950 July 2009

My Great Aunt Lizzie Mort lived with Uncle Jim at No. 25 (I'm going back to the late 1940s-early 1950s) and Aunty used to look after us during the school holidays; our parents were out working in the local cotton mills. "I was born in York Street, lived there until I was 12 years old, attended St Mark's School before moving to Hayward School in 1952 (it was named Great Lever School at first).
"On Venture Street there was a small corner shop owned by Mary Roscoe, and just down the street the Jubilee Stores, which sold vegetables, fish, rabbits, fruit (I recall the rabbits hanging outside the shop).
Then there was Herbert's chip shop, as good as any chippy in the world; there was one wooden form to sit on, a wooden floor covered with oil cloth in the usual black and green squares, a wooden counter, and as much salt and vinegar as you liked. "On the other side of the street was a building belonging to BEF Battersby, England, and Foster, a small engineering firm. Then came Bolton Co-operative Society Ltd., where Steele Street crossed, a large grocery store which always smelled of ground coffee. It had a wooden floor always covered in sawdust, and a counter which seemed to go all round the shop, with massive brass scales on it. "Butter was in wooden barrels, biscuits in large square tins, sugar in blue bags - lots of food was hand-weighed in those days, because tea and coffee was loose. Sides of bacon hung on a chrome rail. "I suppose the best of all was the Co-op Divi, little yellow tickets you were given, with the amount of money you had spent. These were then stuck on a card, and could then be cashed in. The Co-op also had a shoe shop, and a butchery. "A little further down the street, the sisters Bates had a small confectionary shop, plus a few groceries, but they managed to survive even against the mighty Co-op."

At the end of the street was the Forge Tavern. I dread to think how many pints of ale must have been downed at that pub, the workers were allowed to go out in working hours. "I can see inside Aunty Lizzie's house at No. 25 now, having to sit, wearing short pants, on a horse hair couch. A table cloth was always on the table, and there were four Victorian dining chairs; I also remember a double-weight Vienna wall clock, a cast-iron Yorkshire fireplace, coconut matting, brass fender companion set and coal scuttle, but most of all, on rainy afternoons, we played dominoes. "The prize was currants, which were placed in a basin, plus a large mug of water. If you chipped out you could take 12 currants and a large drink of water. "We made our own entertainment in those days. Times do change, though. I remember two gas lamps in the street, plus the cobbles being tarmaced over - great for any games we wanted to play, especially marbles. "Oh, happy days."
Lloyd Egerton Class of 1952

I went to Bolton Technical College on Manchester road from 1953 to 1955, and the boy that I sat next to in class was the son from that chippy, Tommy Herbert. We became the best of pals, and I used to see him on occasion, but not lately. Possibly Lloyd Egerton would have known him as he would be probably the same age as Tommy, although Tommy didn't go to St Marks because he was a Roman catholic.
Roy Stewart Father of Ex Pupils Jeffrey Stewart Class of 1972 and Gillian Stewart Class of 1976 July 2008


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Pupils who once lived in Venture St

1916 Caretaker Mr John Grundy

72 Joyce Allen
20 Albert Bailey
23 Fred Bailey
17 Glynis Bailey
20 Margaret Bailey
20 Thomas Bailey
23 Thomas Bailey
23 Walter Bailey
08 Harry Ball
97 Robert Paul Beardsworth
35 Harry Birchall
53 Carol Britton
53 Christine Britton
06 Margaret Nora Caroll
94 Gordon Clarke
25 Keith Crapnell
25 Sylvia May Crapnell
47 Hilda Crompton
36 Eric Davis
36 Keith Davis
26 Geoffrey Dutson
26 Neville Dutson
72 David Ian Fenton
72 Diane Margaret Fenton
72 Linda Christine Fenton
72 Pauline Ann Fenton
13 Enid Fisher
38 Jacqueline Ann Gordon
37 Roy Gregory
13 Michael James Gresty
13 William Gresty
52 Charles Grimes
40 Harry Handley
42 Harry Handley
42 Phyllis Handley
42 Stanley Handley
25 Edwina Elizabeth Harrod
52 Derek Haynes
52 Julie Haynes
50 Glennis Hetherington
27 Joyce Holt
65 Alan Houghton
43 Marlene Ilczyn
25 Alan John Jones
25 Francis Danny Jones
08 Geoffrey Jones
08 Julie Ann Jones
25 Lynn Marie Jones
92 Margaret Lees
97 Ian Longthorne
95 Clynton Trevor Maidment
95 Lesley Maidment
14 Allan Douglas Albert Matthews
14 Gerald Matthews
14 Marlene Matthews
14 Sharon Lynn Beverley Ann Matthews
24 Audrey Miller
24 Henry Miller
37 Jean Moezerad
98 Sarah Jane Moore
20 Sylvia Newport
91 Renee Nicholson
?? Albert Oldbury
?? Margaret Oldbury
52 Paresh Rasikbhai Patel
52 Sanjeev Rasikbhai Patel
58 Phyllis Perry
26 Freda Pickles
26 Jean Margaret Pickles
96 Alan Rawsthorne
96 David Rawsthorne
35 Frank Reed
48 Norman Robinson
48 Shirley Robinson
93 Ian Rowson
94 Eric Scowcroft
75 Beverley Anne Sharples
75 Susan Carol Sharples
09 Sharon Simms
67 Graham Smith
78 Iris Smith
67 John Smith
78 Lillian Smith
67 Stephen Richard Smith
67 Trevor Smith
32 Gerald Stocks
92 Margaret Thornley
36 Trevor Tomlinson
46 Barbara Lilian Vase
73 Diane Walker
73 Ian Michael Walker
73 Stewart Anthony Walker
91 Ian Stewart Wallace
91 Neil James Wallace
91 Stephen Andrew Wallace
?? Vera Waters
24 Herbert Winward
04 Kenneth Wolstencroft
18 Kenneth Wolstencroft
63 Frank Worsley

Daniel Crompton age 24 was convicted of the murder of Frank Worsley in 2013, Frank was age 87

74 Frank Worsley
79 Karl Vincent Wright